Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is a picture of a picture.  It is my great grandpa and grandma.  I adjusted the saturation/temp/contrast etc.  It is blurry but this just adds to the retro effect.  I used Printshop:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I used a bunch of pictures of animals I had on my computer that I had taken on vacations or just at home.  I cropped and adjusted each picture, and then put them together in a black square.  I used printshop to do this.


This is a mother sheep and her new lambs.  It shows little lives starting out.  I adjusted the saturation and temperature of the picture.  I used printshop.


This is the flower I got my mom for Mother's Day.  It reminds me of heaping because it is flowing over the size of the pot.  I adjusted the saturation and contrast and faded the edges of the picture.  I used printshop.


This is our flowerbed right outside our door.  My mom puts plastic forks in it to keep my dog out... she likes to dig.  These are there to tell her "NO!".  I brightened the picture and increased the saturation.  Printshop.


This is a picture of the sunset behind our grove.  It reminds me of glory.  I brightened the picture and adjusted the saturation.  Printshop:)


This is a pile of old rusty chains out in our shop.  I brightened the picture and adjusted the contrast and saturation.  All on printshop.


This is the divider between the rocks and the landscaping. I cropped the picture, adjusted the saturation and contrast, and added the torn effect to the edges.  I used printshop.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I cropped this picture of the globe and added the antique effect.  All on iphoto.


This is a cropped picture of a little girl at daycare's hair.  I adjusted the coloring, saturation, contrast, and added the vignette effect. Iphoto.


This is the side view of a brush.  I made it black and white, and  adjusted the temp, saturation etc. iphoto is what I used.


These are the curtains in my room.  I made the picture antique, and adjusted the temp, saturation, and brightness.  I used iphoto.


This shows a glamorous picture of pearls.  After cropping and auto enhancing the picture, I adjusted the saturation, temp, contrast, sharpening, etc.  All on iphoto.


This picture is of Sour Patch Kid Jelly Beans:)  I cropped, brightened, and added the vignette effect to the picture.  I used iphoto for my editing.