Thursday, March 31, 2011

#31 Plant

This shows a rose bush in our landscape.  I adjusted the saturation, temp, brightness, and contrast and added the vignette effect on picnik.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This picture shows a close view of lace and its intricate designs.  I adjusted this picture by cropping it, automatically enhancing it, fading the color, adding blurred edges, and adding vignette.  I also adjusted the temperature, saturation, and contrast.  I used iphoto for editing.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This picture shows the dark skies of rain and the rainbow that comes after.  I adjusted saturation, temp, exposure, and contrast on picnik.

#9Seeing Double

This is a picture of a double rainbow from last summer.  I adjusted the saturation, contrast, exposure, and color.  I added the lomo-ish effect on picnik.


This is a picture of trees in our grove.  I adjusted the exposure. contrast, color and saturation, and added the boost and lomo-ish effects on picnik.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is a picture of a flower from our garden.  It is very pink and vibrant.  I adjusted the color/exposure/saturation and tinted the edges and center with pink.  I used picnik.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is a sign on a rode in the mountains.  It shows the swinging of the road (and the car).  I cropped it, and adjusted the colors.  Print shop


This is a picture of St. Mary Lake in MT.  To me it shows Spirit because it is so beautiful and shows God's creation.  I adjusted the saturation slightly.  Print shop


This is a picture of some spices.  I cropped the picture, made it black and white, and adjusted brightness and gamma.  Print Shop


This is a picture of my brother and sisterinlaws car after their wedding.  It shows the newness of their marriage.  I cropped it, adjusted the colors, and added the marble effect to the edges. Print Shop.


This is a picture of the piano---where I like to make music.  I adjusted the saturation, temp, etc and rotated the picture to make it look tilted.  I used Print Shop for my editing.


This is a picture of the yellowstone river---rushing.  It shows the movement of the water.  I adjusted the coloring.  Print shop.


This is a picture of our garden and apple tree.  It reminds me of my mom because she loves to garden and help things grow.  I have many special memories of being in the garden with my mom.  I cropped it and adjusted the saturation on Print shop.


This  is a picture of a hike we took on our vacation last summer.  It brings back many memories for me, seeing the mountains, trees, and flowers.  I adjusted the colors and cropped it.  Print shop.


I took this picture of a hibiscus in our living room.  It is the very inside of the flower. I adjusted the saturation and contrast and blurred the edges.  Print shop!


I took this picture on a trip I took with my friends.  This sign represents laughter for me because we had such a great time eating here.  We laughed a lot.  I adjusted the contrast/brightness/saturation/gamma and made the edges look torn.  --Print shop


This is a picture of our kitchen.  I made it sepia, and adjusted the saturation and brightness.  Print shop for all editing.


I this is a picture of a decoration in our dining room.  It shows kindness--love one another. I darkened the colors, adjusted contrast, and made everything black and white except the heart.  ---Print Shop.


I took this picture this past fall.  It shows the gathering in fruit of the summer---apples.  I adjusted the saturation, gamma, and contrast to make them look prettier.  All on Print Shop.


This picture shows friendship--enjoying the beauty of the earth together.  It is actually my sister and me, but I consider her one of my best friends.  I adjusted the saturation/ contrast slightly and that is all.  On Print shop.


This is a picture of my dad heading out of the driveway in the tractor this fall.  I often think of farming when I think of my dad, and vice versa.  I adjusted the coloring/ brightness. All on Print Shop.


This is a picture of a decoration in our kitchen.  It obviously represents family.  I adjusted the brightness, contrast, and saturation, and added an effect to make it look old and scratched.  All on Print shop.


I took this picture at Christmas this year.  Presents have always represented excitement--for most people.  I adjusted saturation, brightness, contrast, and gamma on Print Shop.


This is a picture of cereal---what most people have for breakfast.  I cropped the picture, adjusted the color---brightened the color, adjusted the saturation, and added the clouds look to the picture.  I used Print shop.


I took this picture one day after the fog had lifted.  To me it represents art--nature's art.  The frost is perfect on every pine needle.  I cropped this picture and adjusted the brightness, contrast, saturation, and gamma.  I edited using Print Shop.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


These are tools of a painter.  I adjusted the saturation etc. and added the boost and lomo ish effects on picnik.

#5Body Parts

 I took this picture of my hand and added the holga ish effect and the hypnotic effect around the edges and in the center. It looks like several body parts even though it is only one hand.  I used picnik for editing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This picture shows the growth of a plant through the spring, summer, and fall.  I edited the picture on picnik.  I adjusted  the color/saturation etc. and added the crystallize effect to the edges.  I applied focal black and white, and then added Holga-ish and faded it so that the color would come through.